17th – 24th Dec 2015: Mission to 3 mountain villages of Doi Ang Kang mountain in Chiang Mai province and in Nan province, in northern Thailand

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Organization Name:  3 mountain villages (about 1300km from Bangkok)

                                         Mountain Villages in Northern Thailand

                                         Province: Chiang Mai and Nan

                                         Country: Thailand

Name of Person-In-Charge:

Phra KhruPhra Khru Banpot Boonyopas

Abbot of Wat Pah Khao Hin Tad

Ban Klongtabake 24/9 Moo 5   

Ladbvakhao Subdistrict,

Sikhiu District,

Nakhorn Ratchasima 30340


       Contact Nos: +66816601172



      Location: The 3 villages are located in the northern mountainous region of Doi Ang Khang of Thailand in the province of Chiang Mai and Nan province.
The villagers will be gathered at various local distribution centers where we will set up all rations to be distributed to them. About 400 village families, totaling about 1000 adults and about 500 kids (estimated) will be there for the distribution.



Phra Khru makes frequent trips to northern cold regions bringing warm clothing to donate to the poor people there.

Since 2011 SWAN Fund representatives had tagged along on these yearly missions and find these very meaningful as we complement Phra Khru and his team in their donation. (More details of previous mission with Phra Khru can be found at : Mission 46, 52, 55 and 68. )

As bulk of the donation from Phra Khru’s team will be warm clothing, SWAN Fund focused on providing dry food ration and medical supplies to the villagers, and soft toys to the children. Especially for this year, more than 1000 adult and children scarves, each uniquely hand knitted by the team of knitters from “Give Alittle Warmth” were donated to us to be distributed to the villagers. This will surely bring additional warmth to the villagers in the winter season when we will be visiting them. We sincerely thank them for the great efforts and wonderful contributions.

Such missions are also very interesting, exciting and adventurous as we will be traveling 1000s of kilometers round trip and through mountainous areas, starting from Phra Khru’s temple in the province of Korat (abt 300km from Bangkok) where we will gather with his team for the convoy of vehicles to start the journey. Traveling with locals has many advantages too. The long journey thru and fro on this mission will surely be punctuated by many pit stops at places which would usually not be visited with paid tour packages, thus providing great opportunities in experiencing local Thai cultures and flavor while volunteering to help the needy in Thailand.

4.    MISSION SUMMARY: (what are the plans and the reasons for these)

    • 17/12/15: Gather at Thailand International Airport and travel to the province of Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) about 250km  north east. Rest in hotel.
    • 18/12/15: SWAN Fund team to purchase all food ration and medical supplies to be donated to the villagers. To pack all these on our 2 pickups and get ready for the start of the journey. Rest in hotel.
    • 19/12/15: 2am, to gather with our Thai counterparts at the local temple together with their convoy of vehicles prior to setting off. About 3am and the journey begins.
      Arrive at Phrae province for breakfast and continue traveling to Chiang Mai and after a pit stop, continue to to Doi Ang Khang. Tent over night at local temple.20/12/15: Early breakfast and prepare the ration and supplies for donating to the villagers from 2 village at Doi Ang Khang. Finish distribution, pack up and then travel to Nan province for the 2nd distribution. Reach Nan province and tent overnight.
    • 21/12/15: Early breakfast and prepare the ration and supplies for donating to the villagers of Nan province.
      Finish distribution, pack up and then travel to Doi Phu Kha National Park and tent overnight
    • 22/12/15: Early breakfast and travel for sightseeing, free and easy with the group and might stay over night at Lam Nam Nan National Park or Sirikit Dam.
    • 23/12/15: Early breakfast and start journey back to Korat with pit stops for leisure activities as well. Rest in hotel.
    • 24/12/15: Travel to Bangkok International Airport and back to Singapore.

       En-route to and back, pit stops will allow scenery viewings and appreciations, and shopping in local places etc.

The journey will be very free and easy and is expected to be very rugged.

During the journey, we will be expected to camp in tents in cold/very cool weather or anyway that we will decide to pit stop for the nights, as decided by our Thai counterparts.

SWAN Fund representatives will be bearing all personal traveling expenses incurred on flight, vehicle, petrol, lodging and food etc, whenever needed, as with all our overseas missions. Any joint expenses will be shared by those traveling together.

We will update live on all activities during the mission, where mobile network permits, to share with all members and friends of the actual activities during the mission @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/410057622453282/. So stay tuned and we wish our volunteers all the best on this mission.


For those who are unable to join us but would like to contribute specifically to this mission together with SWAN Fund, we welcome any sponsorship for the purchasing of the food ration and medical supplies when we reach Thailand. For more details on your donations, please PM us through Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/swan.fund, or leave us your comment in the group page specifically for this mission @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/410057622453282/ and we will reply you as soon as we can.

We thank you for your support and much need donation for this mission.

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