Garage Sale – Fund Raising

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Putting the concept of RECYCLING to greater meaning of helping the needy, we are starting a fund raising program which will be ongoing.

If there is any equipment/accersory that you may have which is still in good working condition and/or is of some values, and which you have decided that you no longer need them, please consider donating it to this program.

We will published your item here to be resold to anyone who is interested and all fund raised will be solely to our SWAN Fund account which is dedicated solely to be used for all donations to the needy in the region.

By doing so we would not let those items that you may no longer need and is thinking of disposing to be exchanged into fund to help the needy, while at the same time, help conserve the environment by extending the useful life cycles of these items to their longest possible instead of becoming “trash”.

We hope members and friends can support us in this new initiative and also help us keep a lookup if there is any potential people who may be interested in taking up the items that is being published.

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