Mission Reports 36 – 40

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กลับไป “ภารกิจที่ผ่านมา”

Mission #36
Donations to Seik Phu Taung Youth Development Centre in MON State, Myanmar (16/09/2010)
MISSION REPORT #36 – Myanmar Orphanage

Mission #37
Donate food ration to Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics, Singapore (11/01/2011)

Mission #38
Donated through Will Lee & Lawrence Koh thru their company, for a 1 to 1 match to Japan Tsunami through their Japan branch, Singapore (23/03/2011)
MISSION REPORT #38 – Japan Quake

Mission #39
Donate food ration to and necessities to Panti Asuhan Kampung Melayu in Jakarta (Muslim Orphanage), Indonesia (06/09/2011)
MISSION REPORT #39 – Panti Asuhan Kampung Melayu

Mission #40, 41
Donate food ration to Shan Refugees in Fang Chiangmai, Thailand (25/06/2011)
MISSION REPORT #40, 41 -Shan Tribe Refugees in Chiangmai

กลับไป “ภารกิจที่ผ่านมา”

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