Mission Reports 41 – 50

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Mission #41
Updated in previous page together for Mission #40, 41.

Mission #42
Supper of “Chwee Kway” for old folks in Bukit Ho Swee donated through Love and Unity charity organisation, Singapore (07/07/2011)
MISSION REPORT #42 – Supper for Old Folks

Mission #43
Donation of stationery and fruits to the children of Bangahlia Orphanage in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh (05 – 08/08/2011)
MISSION REPORT #43 – Bangladesh Orphanage

Mission #44
Sponsoring of teaching materials for Life Skills & Assertiveness Workshop for TCV at Dharamsala, Tibet (26/08/2011)
MISSION REPORT #44 – Tibetian’s Children Village

Mission #45
Construction of kitchen for BABWO orphanage in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh (29/09/2011)
1st remittance on 29/9/11 of S$6,605.00
2nd and final remittance on 3/11/11 of S$2,895.16
MISSION REPORT #45 – Kitchen Construction in Bangladesh Orphanage BABWO

Mission #46
Contribution for Northern Thai mountain villages, Thailand (14/11/2011)
MISSION REPORT #46 – Northern Thailand Mountain Villages

Mission #47
Donate food ration to Shan Refugees Children School in Fang Chiangmai, Thailand (03/01/2012)
MISSION REPORT #47 – Food ration to Shan Refugees Children School

Mission #48
Donation of stationary to students in Galauda, Sri Lanka (22/03/2012)
MISSION REPORT #48 – Village School in Galauda See more in “Mission 48 Videos”

Mission #49
Donate food ration for Yayasan Elsafan Home for the Blinds in Jarkarta, Indonesia (27/04/2012)
MISSION REPORT #49 – Yayasan Elsafa Jakarta See more in “Mission 49 Videos”

Mission #50
Donation of refurbished PCs & Accessories, Thailand (23/10/2012)
MISSION REPORT #50 – Donation of Refurbished PCs & Accessories

กลับไป “ภารกิจที่ผ่านมา”

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