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กลับไป “วิดีโอภารกิจ”

Mission 86 – Toys distribution to about 400 children of 5 village schools in Petchabun province, northern Thailand (10/08/15)

Mission 84 – Toys distribution to about 500 children of 5 village schools in Pitsanulok province, northern Thailand (07/08/15)

Mission 83 – Toys distribution to about 100 children in Khao Yai Thieng Nuea villiage, Nakhon Ratchasima province, north eastern Thailand (05/08/15)

Mission 82 – Distribution of soft toys, stationary, slippers & snacks to estimated 600 children and food ration to 300 families at Bone South Village, Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya province, Philippines (03/04/15)

Mission 69 – Donation of winter wears, food ration and toys to 600 needy families in Yang Krok sub district of OmKoi in Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand (18/12/14)

Mission 67 – Donation of food ration to needy in Nepal through APHO organisation in Kathmandu, NEPAL (18/10/14)

Mission 65 – Food & Toys to 2 Orphanges in Batam, INDONESIA (11/10/14)

Mission 64 – Toys donation in Chaiyaphum province, THAILAND (04/10/14)

Mission 56 – Toys donation to the children of 2 Villages of Songkhum and Ban Lao Lue (Phetchaboon Province) in Northern THAILAND  (20/04/14)

Mission 55 – Donations to 3 Villages in the districts of Samoeng & Wat Chan (ChangMai Province) and Pai (Mae Hong Son Province) , northern THAILAND (09/02/14)

Mission 54 – Donations to Seik Phu Taung Youth Development Centre (MON State), Free Funeral Service Society & School for the Blind (Yangon) , MYANMAR (14/12/13)

Mission 52 – Donation of winter wear and toys to Mountain Villagers in Doi Ang Kang, THAILAND (22/12/2012)

Mission 51 – Donation of food ration, toys and winter wears to needy in Nepal through APHO organisation in Kathmandu, NEPAL (26/10/2012)

Mission 49 – Donation of food ration for Yayasan Elsafan Home for the Blinds in Jarkarta, INDONESIA (27/04/2012)

Mission 48 – Donation of toys to students in Galauda, Sri Lanka (22/03/2012)

กลับไป “วิดีโอภารกิจ”

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