Sponsoring Meals to UndeRprivileged Families (SMURF)

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SMURFIn times of need, one of the most unbearable condition that any individual can encounter is that of not being able to have a decent meal. Worst off if their families, especially those with elders and young children, have to go through the same.

With the mission that no fellow beings ought to bear with such worry and hardship, we are pleased to announce the launching of the SMURF program in Singapore on Nov 15.

Under this program, SWAN Fund will routinely provide meals to underprivileged families in Singapore so that they are assured that their families members will not go without food in their most challenging times.

For our latest updates please visit us on Facebook @ SMURF.

From Jan 2016, the pilot project consists of 30 recipients of Blk 105, Jalan Bukit Merah. Each recipients will be provided with 1 dinner per day (excluding weekends & Public Holiday).

The operation of this program is supported and assisted by the social welfare team from Presbyterian Community Services who is overseeing the well being of the residents in that area.
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The focus group of recipients of the meals consist primarily of those screened by the respective authorities and referred to the team of Presbyterian Community Services there, includes but not limited to :

  1. Those living in rental flats,
  2. The aged and/or sick, without regular incomes,
  3. Families with sole bread winners as odd job laborers whose income is unable to sustain stable livelihoods.

We will expand the coverage of SMURF as this pilot project stabilizes and as we continue to lookout for more needy families requiring such assistance with the support from the team of Presbyterian Community Services servicing that area.

How does SMURF works?

  • Areas for this program will be selected based on proximity to Rice Garden outlets setup by NTUC Foodfare.
  • Meal vouchers will be purchased from NTUC FoodFare’s “Community Food Voucher Programme”. You can purchase a $2.50 set meal through this program for just $1.99 (amount difference co-funded by Foodfare)                                          
  • Every month, using the meal vouchers received, our volunteers will liaise with the management of the Rice Garden outlet in that area to make arrangements for the meals to be provided.
  • The social welfare team from Presbyterian Community Services there will ensure that the meals are received by the recipients.

How you can contribute to this program?

  1. You can purchase the meal vouchers from NTUC Foodfare and mail it to us at:
    SWAN Fund (SMURF)
    My Mail Box 883817
    Singapore 919191  (If you are on our Facebook, kindly write your FB ID to let us know.)
  2. Alternatively, you can contribute directly to our fund in support of this program. Please email us for more detail of such contributions with the subject “SMURF” or contact us through Facebook @ SMURF

All contributions to this program is greatly appreciated and much needed, in our combined efforts to reach out to as many needy families locally and ensuring them of proper meals in their difficult times.

Together, let us continue Spreading Warmth to All Needy.

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